First Steps Learn2Walk Balancer (Better Than a Walker) by Delta Children


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Teach your child to balance, stand and walk with the Little Folks First Steps Learn2Walk Balancer by Delta Children—this patented bungee balancer is the first of its kind. Normally, it takes babies 1,000 hours of practice to learn how to walk, not with this balancer! It uses innovative bungee technology to help your little one naturally find their center of gravity without ever falling. The bungees allow your child to tilt, but gently pull them back to the upright position, so they can mimic real walking movements. Invented by a Physician with special interest in child ambulatory development, the Little Folks First Steps Learn2Walk Balancer by Delta Children taught his daughter how to walk by strengthening her torso and legs while learning how to balance. Every bounce supports your baby’s development, strength, balance and coordination. With three modes and adjustable height seat, this balancer effortlessly grows with your child. The stationary play station mode keeps baby entertained with interactive lights, sounds and toys, remove the toy tray to reveal a spacious snack area. While in stationary mode, your child can engage the bungee technology to take their first steps. When in balancer mode, your child will discover walking movements that encourage gross motor skills.

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